Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cavalier Vs. Skunk~P-U!

Night shifts have their advantages and of course, disadvantages.
If you get off at 8am you feel either very tired, or if you've gotten a second if you are ready to take on the day.

Well, that is, until you crash from fatigue.

I don't mind driving at night really, the traffic is pretty much non-existent. But the animal traffic can be...well a bit busy.

If a weather front is moving through you can almost guarantee that there will be a lot of wild animals crossing the road.
That happened the other night.

I dodged one racoon.
Stopped for two groups of deer.
Avoided a fox and a 'possum.

I however, did not and could not...avoid that damn skunk.
That one must have had a death wish. I mean that was one pissed off skunk!
He charged into the road with his tail up over his back and came right at me even though I zigged a bit and hit the brakes hard.

I gave up the notion of avoiding him when I went over him...


I pulled over about a mile down the road and stepped out of my car to make sure I hadn't damaged anything.

The dang thing must have sprayed my exhaust system. I choked and slammed the door.

Yuck, double yuck.

At least no physical damage was done.

Cavalier road kill scores:
2 racoon
1 'possum
1 skunk

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