Sunday, May 03, 2009

The ER Waiting Room

VMH, our local hospital had a record breaking night.
How do I know?
I was there with my mother in law.
She is fine, admitted for observation.

What I observed while waiting in the 'Waiting Room'.

A young woman who was brought in complaining of a headache. She got mad when she was told that her public assistance was 'not valid'. They tagged her and let her sit and wait to be seen.

A mom with a toddler and a baby, and her sister. Baby was sick, needed to see a doctor. As the mom explained to the nurse through a window what was wrong with her baby, the nurse nodded and said, "Well that is pretty normal, but we'll check her out."
This mom came back into the waiting area with her 4 yr old and the baby. The 4 yr old dragged chairs, climbed things, crawled around, and was in general~~a nuisance. Mom threatened, giggled, looked stern, and laughed as he misbehaved. The 4 yr old ran around smacking the automatic doors.

I tried to bury my face in a book, glancing at the child and then the mother.

The nurse came out and said, "Oh my, how is he doing ... he looks better!" The mom responded, "Oh I brought him in last night, he's fine now! It is his baby sister, she has the sniffles."

Another woman brought in by the 'family'. I could hear the one of the family members in the ER telling the doctor what to do.
...and I wondered.

ER Abuse. It happens all the time, clogging the system up for those who really need it.

Multiple cases last night of people using the ER as a place for an office visit.

It disgusted me.

What people discussed while in the Waiting Room could make for a whole blog in itself!

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