Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Covid update for the end of September

On Friday our county jumped in Covid numbers. 35 people that were positive were recovering at home.
Our numbers jumped again.  70 people recovering at home. Good news is I guess is that we still only have one death.
Bad news?

The scuttle butt is that there are a few nursing homes showing up with the virus. Yes, after spending time with my MIL over the past year or so...old people and infirm people do really matter. So don't tell me they don't. I spent so much time with those in the home with my MIL, that I got to know them as fun wonderful people. Infirm in mind? Perhaps. Unable to care for themselves... yes. But wonderful and beautiful people.

Yet one neighbor down the ridge told me not to worry. You know...only 1% die from this virus. 

Let's do some math. 328.2 million people live in our country. If the virus will only kill ... 


only ONLY...



We are left with 3million, 282 thousand deaths.

But you know what? It's just numbers. The Covid-19 is no big deal. Unless, your loved one, your dad, mom, sister, cousin, grandchild, or child dies. And they could die alone. 


I want to ask my neighbor *What's 1% of your family?*  

I leave you to your own thoughts and conclusions. I need to go out and be like Charlie.
Enjoy the forest floor and enjoy with pure abandon.

After all, there is slime mold to look for!


  1. I like your question for your neighbor - what is 1% of your family. It is heartbreaking to have loved ones die without family there. The staff at the nursing home were caring and supportive for my brother, but they aren't family and they weren't me. I live with the memory of the last video call with my brother and the heartbreak of not being able to be with him. Yup, losing that 1% is painful. Charlie is inspiring in his mellow, calm dedication to exploring and enjoying.

    1. Thank you for your reply Mary, I just get so angry! It is stupid of me, I know. Those who know me often say how non lethal Covid is and then say...But of course YOUR situation is different.
      I am tired of it, however I think Charlie is showing me the way.