Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Knees, Appts, Creativity.


The knee has not resolved itself at all. I just figured I'd get out and 'walk it off'. I went to CrossFit a few times last week and even did the 22WOD. Eh. That may have been a mistake but I was careful. It felt great to do it with my good friend and partner. She is awesome and strong!

The swelling in the knee is gone. For the first time in my life I can really understand what it feels like to have knee pain. See, I didn't want to acknowledge the injury and just figured it would go away like the other time I smashed it against a boulder.
I'm mad at my knee. It should have gotten better. Really.
If I go outside and pull my pants down and yell at it, will it help?

Okay, bad image, right?

Today is going to be one of 'those' days. Calling the VA Community Care folks to see where the claim from 2018 still stands. The hospital just sent a nasty letter which is normal for them. They are a huge conglomerate and of course all phone calls are handled by a person who is 'not' in charge and 'doesn't' know anything.
These phone calls require at least 20 minutes on hold and many transfers.
I think I need an office assistant just for dealing with appointments and care.

Rich is doing mildly better so that bump is resolved for the moment.

Some fun with editing photos.
Since I am not out hiking at the moment...
I am studying some funky photo effects and editing.

Dispersion Effect:
I really want to nail this down as I think it would be fun. I think instead of 'chunks' of dispersion, I like the birds more. Using bat brushes would be fun too.

Double exposure ~ done in camera:
I need much more experimenting, but it is sort .. of neat!

Pencil sketching skulls:
This is part of my skull collection. I like it, but dislike the white edges that Painter does.

Pencil sketching mixed with the original photo:
I really like this one a...lot. 

Well, off to work. The mules want to eat!


  1. Have you tried a knee brace? A few years ago, I really hurt my knee somehow, and I had a lot of trouble completing my farm tasks. I got a really good knee brace, and it made all the difference in the world!! I wore it every day for about two years. My knee is fine now!! Hope yours feels better soon.

    1. Bad bone bruises to the patella and underlying bones. I saw my doctor and she had xrays taken. I should be fine in couple of weeks.

  2. It just will take time to heal...shouting will do no good! It might feel better wrapped in an ace bandage...maybe worth a try. Be kind to yourself! Oh those phone calls drive me nuts:(

    1. Shouting at my knee...I don't know. Maybe I could scare it into feeling all better?
      Oh those calls can ruin a whole day.


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