Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Doing Sidie Hollow ~ by Charlie

She walked around the house putting things in her back pack and I started to get worried.
The back pack means 'Walk' or 'Hike' or 'Let's go to the woods and smell good stuffs'.

So I watched carefully from the couch.

She put a small bag of doggy treats in the back of the pack and then I started to get excited.
I like walks!
She let me outside and I ran around the yard. She jingled the car keys and I ran to the Subaru.
Was I going to get to go to town and 'Socialize' again? Oh boy!

I was ready.

I still don't really like the car rides as much as She seems to, but we sometimes have some pretty cool adventures when we go.

I perched on the edge of my seat and looked out the window while we drove out the driveway.
She babbled on and on about something and something...stuff that didn't make sense really. Just human talk.
Every once in a while she'd reach over and lightly touch me on the head without looking at me.
She said something about the roads were too twisty and turny for paying attention to me.

We got to Sidie Hollow and I was patient while she hooked me up to the leash thingy.
She pointed at the sign that said "All pets MUST be on leash."

Part of the way around the trail we ran into a young couple and a couple of kids. They had a huge brindle dog that looked exactly like a pit bull. She stopped several feet away from them and started to talk.

Big old Bad Bruno wasn't big and bad really. I rolled over and wagged a lot. He whined and lay down next to me. Imagine a bigger dog than Dixie playing with me!
We sniffed each other's butts and other private parts. The young folks were a bit embarrassed I think but not Her. She was like...Oh no big deal!

We hiked fast and hard, I led most of the way. The only time I didn't was when SHE picked me up and walked. There was some people and they had a  really huge boxer ---something mix--- that was growly and angry. He didn't have a leash on either. He dragged the human type person around and snarled.

She didn't say a word to them and walked by with me in her arms.
I don't think that was a happy dog.

She laughed later on when we found a "Hello" mushroom. I have no idea what that is.

We talked to some people in a canoe..okay, it was a yellow floaty thing that people pushed around with board things. I couldn't make any sense of it except that the yellow thingy kept them from being in the water.

I wagged my tail a lot.

She eventually said that She found a good spot to take a morning photo. She said something about Jersey Valley and then sighed loudly.

I don't know, all the smells were just fine with me. I like this Sidie Hollow place. 

When I got back in the car seat, I curled up and let Her navigate all of the way back home.

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  1. Hi Charlie sounds like a fun outing! Good thing she loves you and picks you up when big mean dogs are around! :)