Tuesday, June 26, 2018

This and that

Just for fun...

Charlie in the Jeep, Charlie supervising my garden work.
Charlie resting on the porch.

Yesterday was a mow the yard day. Rich wanted to put it off until Friday. I had checked the weather and informed him that we'd have a 96-ish Hot & Humid Friday. Somehow I didn't think that would work well with how he has been feeling.

So we worked on the yard. He mowed, I trimmed with the little mower.

The yard looks nice. However the garden looks a bit lacking for this time of year. I hope the rains that are predicted and the hot weather boost its growth.

The porch was a mess. I finally decided to clear everything off from it and scrub it down.

Remember when I gave the neighbor kids a bucket of seeds and let them stomp it into the dirt that Rich put next to the porch???
I have green beans, Zinnias, 4 o'clocks, Cosmos, and small sunflowers growing like mad on the corner of the porch.

My Kenosha pals brought me a little gnome to put out in the garden. His nose lights up at night.
He goes well on the barrel with the teapot planter and the little baubles I spray painted last year.

I originally had him with the Dinosaur ... but thought perhaps it was best to separate them.

After supper I spent more time weeding and rearranging the pots to the little east facing garden.
I still haven't gotten stepping stones and am using old bricks to walk on. 

The neighbor kids fell in love with the cow skull and hen and chick plant. They thought that was a neat way to display a skull.

The next group of flowers to bloom will be the little sunflowers that I reseeded from last year and the blazing stars.

Yard work done for the moment. Rain today!
Charlie goes to the vet in a bit he is getting neutered today.

Our week had no appointments on it, but it is quickly filling up with other items.

I looked at my calendar. In July I have the 9th and the 10th where I don't have to go somewhere or transport someone to a doctor's appointment!

I never imagine my 'retirement' would be so incredibly busy.


  1. I must say that it looks like you have been busting your butt! Everything looks beautiful. We are going to have the same weather this weekend and should have rain tomorrow. It's nice that Rich was able to help you with the mowing.

  2. Your yard and flower gardens are looking good. I know about the appointments...sometimes I think we should just sleep at the clinic. Those seeds sure grew!! Looks like Charlie is a good companion:)

  3. Forgot to say "Sorry Charlie" but neutering is a good thing. Chance moped around for days after his surgery :(


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