Sunday, June 24, 2018

Failure of the Not Day

I did intend on having a quiet day. So I'm going to try again.

When I went out to do chores yesterday morning, I found that Little Richard had gotten loose and had decided to visit the garden and ate up a row of sweet corn plants before laying and rolling on the carrots.
Little Richard got put back in pony jail until I can fix his broken tie out rope.

After my town errands, I found that Hank would not cross the fence into the meadow. Hank was born the same day as Charlie, he is a 7 month old Dexter Steer.
My day yesterday just wasn't working out.

Frustrated, I sent the mules to the Meadow instead.

To work off the frustration, I chopped down groups of elderberry trees that were threatening to take over the Dexter Pasture. I stopped when I started to get blisters on my hands.

Enough about that.
So this morning I decided to take Charlie for a short drive in the old Jeep. Charlie seems to get car sick unless he is being held.

We parked on the ridge near where one of the neighbors has an entrance for trucks to bring in cattle to his pastures. I park there often and watch sunrises, sunsets, and sometimes the night sky.

Charlie stood on the road with me while I took photos.
The neighbor's pasture...
I love it here, it is a high point and you can look down on the ground fog as it grows and ebbs.
I thought about driving down to the bridge and taking a look, but decided against it.

I waited for the sun to peek over the trees and then...

we got back in the Jeep and headed slowly home. Charlie sat in the passenger seat and looked slightly uncomfortable. We made it home without incident.

All the farm critters are quiet this morning. Charlie pulled his blanket so he can sleep at my feet while I browse the internet.

The grass needs mowing. The grass needs mowing.
I am going to ignore the grass one more day.

I've got a hammock from my Kenosha Gang friends. I know exactly where I want to put it. I think a pillow, and a good book are in order ... I can lay under the hickory tree and listen to the birds.

Perhaps my "NOT" day will not fail me on this next effort.


  1. What a beautiful view from the ridge! I would go there often! Hope your not day works out for you!:)

  2. Your photos are always so gorgeous! It sounds to me like you really need to catch a break.


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