Monday, August 07, 2017

Siera shines through

When we got Siera I never imagined that she would be good for novice riders. However, I've been working with her for quite a while now. I love the fact that when something confuses her she stops.
When something startles her, she ... stops.
When she is upset, she'll back up and she stops.

She can't really buck. I've seen her try. She can't really rear up. She is a gaited mule with different hindquarters than those of her quarter mule pals.
She is calm and quiet 95% of the time.
She will get excited if she is left behind in the pasture. She is calm when she is with a human.
She is even calmer if she is with another mule. Even with the redhead Sunshine.
The redheaded mule sisters tend to stick together. The bay mules tend to stick together out in the pasture.

Still, Siera can be a challenge. I told Ariel that Siera would give her grief in the Merry Meadow because that has been her summer home for many years and...Siera could hear Fred braying his mournful sounds of love for her.

I figured Sunshine would be the problem mule. However she really wasn't. She did exactly what I asked of her and I rode her as if she were her 'mother'. The ditsy Cheyanne.

What the Ariel and Siera learn?
Siera learned that indeed Ariel can be the boss. And that Siera was not in charge of the direction we were going. If Ariel wanted to go around an apple tree, then they would go around it.

After riding the meadow, we tied Sunshine and Siera up to the trailer so they could stand and think about things. We moved to the porch and had a snack.

I decided that Ariel and Siera were ready for another challenge.

We decided to go explore the fields on the ridge. I texted my 'upstairs' neighbor and she was kind enough to take a few shots of us riding together since I never really get the chance to do so.

We rode out towards PeeWee's and simply enjoyed the view from the saddle.

As we rounded the edge of the soybean field and stopped to look over the ridge...Siera did her thing.

It generally surprises the rider. I always joke: "Hey your broke my mule!"
It gets a good laugh.

Sunshine was outstanding. I like to compliment my girls each time we go out and they do the expected good job. We sat on the mules and watched deer graze in a field close to the woods below us.
That is our next riding goal is to do a ride down the old 'camp' road to the creek and explore.
Since no one has cattle on the land anymore the woods have gotten overgrown and choked with nasty weeds. The creek crossing has been washed out again, but I am sure I could get Sunshine through it and Siera too.
We probably won't challenge the creek quite yet with Siera.

After enjoying the view, we headed back along the driveway towards home. The girls were absolutely amazing.

I think I 'll keep these two!!

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  1. Seirra sure has turned out nice, all that hard work has paid off. lovely to see you tow out on the trails.