Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 21st, The Big Eclipse. Well...

The Big Day came and went without much ado. I'd seen that the forecast was for thunderstorms and overcast skies.

I actually did go outside during the partial eclipse. Of course with such a huge event, "The Event of a Lifetime" as the news was calling it, I had to be a part of it.
Someone may ask me years from now, "What did you do during the Great American Eclipse?"

I went and worked in the garden. The skies got gloomier for a bit and I took advantage of the subdued lighting to take some photos.

I took these of my Cosmos flowers. The blue behind the flowers are Forget Me Nots.

I will be collecting the seeds from the cosmos for next year, along with my 4 O'Clocks, Malvas, and an interesting climbing plants that is getting ready to bloom with bright red flowers.

Nothing much happened during the partial eclipse. My day was normal. The mules ate, pooped, and the young ones aggravated the older ones.

I dried 8 trays of cinnamon apples and picked vegetables.
Freeze and dehydrate sweet corn!

I do dislike processing corn. It is so messy!

However, tomorrow this little beauty arrives.

It certainly will help me with the apples. I have a 5 gallon bucket full of apples to make into jelly and applesauce.
The tomatoes are getting ready to blast off too.

And I hope to get some Concord Grapes at the Farmers Market so I can restock my grape jelly. I have enough black raspberries to make into jelly also. This food strainer will separate the seeds from the berries.


The eclipse was a good excuse to go into the garden and admire my flowers.

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