Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chillin' Time

It has been a bit since I've had some solo time.
Last night I returned Siera, Fred, and Sunshine to the large meadow. I had intended on going riding last evening.

Good intentions get ruined by unexpected thunderstorms with a lot of lightening.
It was probably a good thing though, we ended up going to bed a bit early and I slept through the booming and crashing around us.

The other night when we watched a storm come slowly in from the porch the girls and I were amazed with the show of 'fireworks' in the sky.

I had the tiniest of urges to set up a tripod on the porch and do some photography but the thought fleeted through my brain and went out my ear.

I was tired and sleep sounded much better than watching the skies.

Tonight and tomorrow night there is a chance that we could see the Northern Lights. I may have to take a rest so I can check that out.

Today? I'm thinking it could be a nice quiet hiking type of day. Yesterday was spent cleaning up the gardens and weeding them.

However, we had a huge supper of good things. Fresh beets, lettuce, turnips, leftover carrots and green beans, onions, peppers, and pork steak.

I pulled my very first baby carrot out of the ground yesterday. I think our carrots will do nicely now that I think I have figured out how to grow them in our soil!

Well, off to do chores alone which will feel strange this morning.

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