Wednesday, October 19, 2016

And Siera Knew...

Siera was positive that the Round Hay Bales were dangerous.

So sure in fact that when her rider asked her to step up to them....
She had to bite them. After all, a good bite would ensure that the bale did not move nor attack her or her rider.

As they moved down towards the neighbor's farm, Siera decided to 'SneakyDoodle' past the offensive culvert that she knew lurked under the gravel road.

After dealing with the Hay Bales that she knew hid Mule Monsters of which her rider was not aware of, she came upon the pen of goats.

Surely if she ignored the goats they would not bother her.

Her rider assured her that they were penned up and wouldn't present a problem.
Siera knew otherwise.
Goats were sneaky.
Goats were creative.

However she eventually faced them and walked right by them. 

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