Saturday, October 29, 2016

Creative Room of Wonders

And Still Life...

I'm trying to set myself up in the spare room that used to be our mess called a bedroom.
The room itself needs to have most of the corners re-taped and spackled AND the both rooms need painting to freshen them up.

However winter will come and I am sooo tired of remodeling. So it will wait until spring.
Right now I am setting up my own space for some Still Life work and actually going to build a light box along with getting a light. More on that when I investigate the light I am thinking about.

Still Life can be done anywhere. Outdoors, indoors, on the floor on a chunk of wood, the porch, anywhere you can think of.

The photo above was done when the zinnias were still in bloom and I had found a little vase that my youngest boy had gotten me many years ago.
The final photo with a 50mm lens was this:

I then moved into our future bedroom and used the neat floor pattern to take this shot.

I loved the floor color and texture and didn't worry about the rule of thirds. I just did what felt right.

So now I'd like to move into an area where I can leave things set up and 'play' with lighting and setting things up.

The new Creative Room of Wonders.

I'm pretty excited about this.
A place I can use and not have to clean it up from the living room or kitchen floor.
How neat is that?

Other still life stuff:

I am looking forward to having some fun when the temps drop and snows are whipping along outside.

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  1. Love your still life stuff! You are really going to appreciate having a "studio."


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