Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Little Rascals!

I like the fact that I keep getting neighbors with kids!  It is like getting a free pass to play and be silly.

Big puddles are amazing to kids.

Mud is even more intriguing.

I went over to visit my ex-neighbors in their new house about 20 some miles away.
Mom locked the door of the house and then realized she didn't have the key.
So we went hiking as planned.

I was introduced to the huge quarry that was on their land.

And of course, tree climbing.

We made a fort in a nice sunny spot while we were waiting for someone to show up with a key to get in the house.

All the spare gloves I had in my trunk ended up wet and muddy.

The views from the ridge where they live were astounding.  Blue skies, fluffy clouds, sun shine, melting snow...and lots of fresh air.

I had two days of hiking with children.  It is amazing how fun it is to see the world through their eyes.

And of course, I had to bring a camera!

I love having little rascals around!

Especially when we can find exciting treasures!

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