Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Visit

Last week we retrieved a special visitor from Wausau, WI.  Our grand daughter Lily.

Even though I've had to work a full and crazy schedule we have been getting in some great quality time and fun.

I awakened her one morning for the traditional PJ Sunrise Shindig.  Well, it was just her and I of course, but she sure took to it.  She took some amazing shots with her camera phone.

She expressed an interest in learning how to ride, so we have been working on it a bit every day when time allowed for it!

She has found a balanced seat and graduated to the next step.  Learning how to use the reins.  It is confusing at first and very easy to over steer or over 'do' anything.  Fred was very patient and good.
After about an hour Lily was able to guide Fred over logs and in patterns in the yard without being on a lead line.

And she was pretty darned happy about it.

We had to take an unexpected road trip to the VA clinic for Grandpa, but we made the best of it by going out to lunch and then stopping at a neat wayside along the Baraboo River for a few photos.

Then Lily had an idea.  She dropped to the ground and yelled..."Hey Grandma!"

She stayed there until a Daddy Long Legs crawled onto her!

Last night we thought we'd try sleeping in a tent with Morris and it worked for a while!  We chatted and then started to fall asleep until we heard the echos of a huge thunderstorm.

We could see it above the trees on the western horizon.  Quickly we grabbed our stuff and took it all back to the house.  We settled on 'camping out' on the futon instead and the both of us plus Morris settled in and quickly fell asleep.

The much needed rain and storms stayed south but we could hear the echo of the thunder.

Lily has learned how to identify poison ivy, trillium, wild strawberry, nettles, Blood Root, and wood sorrel.  She is a quick study and eager to always learn.
We may go back to Wildcat Mountain State Park and take the Pisgah Mountain Hemlock Trail on Tuesday so she can look for more plants to identify.  

She enjoyed our hike to Ice Cave and then our jaunt into Billings Creek, where the water was ice cold and very refreshing!

So far I think the visit has been wonderful.  We've enjoyed so many things together.

She has kept these too old 'farts' hopping!

She even got Grandpa to make a small fire to cook hotdogs the other night.

And we topped the evening off by watching the fire.  We put a package of 'stuff' in the fire to make it turn colors.  It was pretty.

And today I have to work 12 hours, so Grandpa and Lily will do chores together and perhaps go visit Great Grandma.

Another full day!
And...sadly we all know the visit will end on the 12th.
But until then we will make the most of it!

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