Monday, August 24, 2015

Breaking Rules

I've been reading all about the Infared Filter I purchased.

Yes there are 'rules' or guidelines for using this filter as it blocks out all but the infrared rays.  Okay, maybe I am a bit incorrect here, but...but I'm no tech geek and I just know that the shots turn out RED. There are quite a few wonderful tutorials and explanations as to how to use this filter properly.

I really wanted to use it though and the weather was not cooperating.
It was blustery and overcast.  
The filter should be used when it is very sunny and calm.

But I found a spot to sit on the side of the road and set things up.  Tainter Hollow Road is not busy. It is about a lane and a half wide.  It has grass growing up the center of it.

I couldn't help but add the little sunburst in the center...just for some fun...

I enjoy walking there and there is a nice little trail along the trout stream if you care to find it.
The valley is very steep and I thought I could get out of the wind and the cold blasts of air for a bit.

I played around with a shot I took until I came out with this, some sort of 'fantasy' type shot.  I could just see a unicorn running down the road towards me.

Well okay, maybe not a unicorn, but heck, I had some fun.

Sleepy bees:

The weather forecast originally had called for a very sunny and pleasant day with a few passing clouds.

However, the skies didn't look that way about 4:30 when I decided to pack it in and head home.

I'd gone to Tainter Hollow expecting to take some great sunny photos with the IR filter and ended up doing some HDR work which I normally shy away from.

But I think photography rules are meant to be broken sometimes.

And I think that is perfectly okay.
How else will we learn if not by experimenting.

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