Monday, August 24, 2015

IR Photography

I opened up the package with anticipation.  The Hoya Infared R72 filter.
I couldn't wait to try it out.
After reading about cameras that had been modified and seeing photos processed with modified cameras and those that used filters, I decided to try the filter.

These shots are not perfect, but just beginner shots.  I found that there was quite the difference in using my old Olympus camera and my newer Nikon.

The above shot was taken with the Olympus.  I started out with long exposures and with my camera ISO set at 100 or 200.  Winds were gusting up to 30 mph during these shots so the foliage shows up blurred.
I'm really monkeying around with processing.  
Here is what an original file looks like before any processing:

I found that some photos are better off converted to black and white.  It makes the final process easier.

I am also happy to be able to do this in the digital age.  I have taken shots and deleted many that didn't turn out.

I've done some reading and it looks like I'll have to make more adjustments in my White Balance and experiment with that, I also found that one of my Nikon lenses leaves a hot spot in the IR shots, so I need to go back and stick with the nifty 50mm.  Nikon also offers RAW conversion software that may be able to help better with the white balance as Lightroom and CorelAfterShotPro can't seem to do it very well unless I convert to black and white.

Anyway this looks like a new fun experiment at least until the snow flies!


  1. Interesting pictures. Looks like something that will be fun to play around with.

  2. Thank you, I like exploring and trying out new things.