Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Should I? Or Shouldn't I? I should!

It has been more than a year since my last 'photo book' project.  I enjoyed doing 'The Sleeping Forest' quite a bit.
Now I am looking forward to a new project.

I'm not sure what the subject should be or have a clear idea of what I'd like to do...
but I am slowly getting some ideas.

Today I will recieve a new tripod.  I've been searching and searching ever since I used my brother's nice tripod in Virginia this past month.
I decided to get one that can be very versital and can be packed around easily. 
Good for macros,
Good for landscapes,
Good for traveling in a back pack or in carry on luggage.

I came up with this from a company called Dolica.
The column can be reversed and  the legs will lay flat so I could take photos like this one... of a fungi no larger than a dime...

Or I can shoot in really low light with my Fuji P&S with a super macro and not worry about blurred shots...

I'll be able to 'shoot' waterfalls in our creek and get that wonderful blurred motion...

So part of my new project will be to scout out a spot ... probably along the creek and mark it.  I would like to take shots from the same exact position in different times of the year, or season and see how things change.

I think I may do my next project on 'The Creek' as it plays such a huge role in the lifeblood of the surrounding forest.

No doubt Morris will also be a big part of this project, after all he is my camera assistant.

He has been for years!

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