Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Connection is WHERE???

Flying from Virginia.
Mom leans over and says "Haven't you got enough photos of clouds?"
I laugh and say "Never!  I need them for artwork."

She passes me the Kindle for my turn on Scrabble.  She is whupping my butt but I don't mind.  She is happy and content.

The Steward starts to say something about flights and connections, but neither of us can understand his heavy accent.  We liked 'Tom the Cabin Guy' that was on both flights to Charlottesville.  He told us exactly what was going on.

Carlos got a thumbs down in our book.

We landed in good time.  I was confident that we'd have no trouble making our way to the next flight.
Mom and I stood and waited patiently for our Valet Luggage.  We'd flown a puddle jumper to Chicago and all carry ons had to be put in the belly of the plane.

I grabbed out bags and headed up the ramp with mom in tow.
I looked at the Departure Board.
Our flight would appear and then disappear in the next second or two.  There was a blank one moment and the next it said 'Gate L2A'.

We were in the G's.  Um.
I checked with a group of American Airlines gate people.  Yup, Gate L2A.
They might has well said 'MARS'!

I explained to mom that we had a long hard walk ahead of us and told her to 'keep up'.  And that I might get ahead of her, but I would not lose her.

She was a bit upset that the connection wasn't right there like last time and kept asking why it wasn't so.  I just said, 'Follow me!'  And trucked on.  After all, my sweatshirt was BLAZE orange she shouldn't lose sight of me
We power walked.
I kept looking over my shoulder.  A few times mom looked as if she were completely overwhelmed or ... out of breath. 
I assured her again that I would not lose her.

She is 79 yrs old and will be 80 in April.  This airport thing was not her cup of tea and she made that very clear.  
We got to the gate with 5 minutes to spare before boarding started.

It was close.  I found mom a chair in which she promptly sat and proclaimed that she'd never even think about flying without me again.

I smiled, sort of.  That was a compliment, I'm sure.
I apologized for the hustle getting her to the gate and knelt before her chair and held her hand.  I told her she was a super champ for making this race to the gate with me.  That she was the coolest bestest ever 79'er.

Our pilot for the Chicago to Milwaukee flight was a good one.  Captain Amanda was pleasant and did a great take off and landing.  Her 'Cabin Guy' Mark was also extremely nice and helpful.

Airline travel.
Be prepared for anything.

Tomorrow I drive across the state to get home.
I cannot wait to get home...really, I can't!

I miss hubby AND Morris!



  1. Glad you made your connection, It's great you've been able to have this wonderful trip with your mother, certainly something to treasure. Being away for so long must be rough though - serious farm withdrawal. Safe travels.

  2. Ah enjoy your homecoming! Your Mom sounds like a great 79er!

  3. Gorgeous shots of the clouds. Did the airport have wheelchairs or golf carts? I think you can request them, especially to make a flight. I am not great at leaving the farm for long...a big pull from my animals.

    The vet thought Berlin ate or inhaled something. I stripped her stall, checked out the pasture and cut down anything suspicious. Now I am going to stick with one kind of hay, even tho she has had all three. Just don't get it. She is back on dex and antihistamines..