Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Busy in Virginia

Normally I am pretty good at keeping up to date...
Whoops, shouldn't fib should I?

Okay, normally I try to keep up to date and lately I have!

I'm visiting my brother in Charlottesville and have been enjoying the beautiful fall weather here.

Odd how today I checked and the weather here will be cooler than it will be in the Midwest where I live.
In fact it will be sunny and pleasant the rest of the week while here in Virginia it will be cold and rainy.
Now that is a switch!

I've been taking morning walks and watching the sunset each day from my brother's front porch.
I should probably just say...
I love his porch!

We have been constantly busy.  I have been on as many walks as I possibly can take.  The scenery is quite beautiful. 
I haven't been to the mountains yet this time and hope to see some of it today before the rain sets in.

However this is 'mom's' trip so we've tried to gear things to what she likes to do.

I'll be putting a "Mom's Big Adventure" book together for her at some point after this trip.

This morning I'm off for new adventures in photography.  
There is a place near here that I want to take some photographs of, I will have to get back to everyone about the history of this unusual spot!

Until then!

Have a Happy HumpDay!


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  1. Beautiful pics as ever Val, thanks for sharing with us! Enjoy the rest of your trip :-)