Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers ~ One Year Later

Well about one year later....

I must tell you, I missed my Vibram FiveFingers during the winter months!
They just don't quite cut it in 18" of soft snow and temperatures of -20 degrees.

But my feet became very happy when I slipped my 'funky monkey' feet back on and began to hike with them.

My feet are unhappy when I have to wear shoes, which of course I have to do for work. The poor things feel trapped and unloved.

They are boxed into hunks of black leather that are thick and bulky looking...

not odd
strange ~~
like my 'butt ugly' Vibrams [my mother in law called them that ... not me!].
[I think they are pretty]

My feet are happiest when the toes can squish into mud or when they are protected by the Vibrams; dance along the deer trails in the woods.

I don't really dance.
I walk, I hike.

The FiveFingers do remind you to watch what you are doing with your feet.
Roots under the leaves can leap up and stub your toe!

It can literally get you hopping and cursing at the unforeseen root.
After the tingling stops, you remind yourself to be a bit more careful.

After a few hikes, you begin to fall into a natural rhythm of walking in places littered with roots, rocks, and obstacles.
..and a Jack Russell Terrier.

Climbing rocks and steep ravines is more interesting with these shoes.

You can feel each rock.
[Moss covered rocks like those shown here are probably not the best kinds of rocks to climb on. They tend to be a bit slippery.]

Crossing creeks is more fun. Your feet do get wet. But they don't seem to be bothered like they would be in wet hiking boots. No rubbing.

How do I like my Funky Monkey Vibram FiveFinger shoes after wearing them for almost a year?

I love them.

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