Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unforgettable Day 2 Mule Parade

Normally I wear a red, white, and blue flag shirt to go on our 2 mule parades. But this day promised to be exceptionally hot and humid with gusting winds...

I wore instead, an outrageous multicolored Hawai'ian shirt. Okay. Not really outrageous, but for Norwegian 'country' Wisconsin, it may be considered so by those named Ole, Lena, Sven, and Hans [if you get my drift].

Top it off with a sparkling lime green hat and you have enough color to make anyone's eyes sore.
But there you are.
That is me.

I was riding Miss Opal, the attitude mule. She likes to step out and strut her stuff.
And dang did we 'feel' good together.

Stephanie, my stepdaughter rode ever steady Freddy. The were dressed in a much more fashionable and sensible manner.

Heck I even used Badger's special flag blanket that has multicolored sequins sewn onto it.

A red, white, and blue beaded 'necklace' went on both mule's breast colors with a nice little brass bell that jingled as the stepped out.
The head of each tail sported a flag bow.

You cannot tell me that we don't go ALL out for our 2 Mule Parades.

I stopped at one point and searched high and low for all our adoring 'Mule Parade Fans'...alas, no one had lined up along the 'parade route'.

We met 4 dogs, spoke with a mom and her 3 daughters and saw 5 vehicles.

...and had a blast.


  1. Hi Val! Talked to my husband... We would like to plan to come out & join you on your Annual Mule Parade!! Let's plan on it?
    Ch'ears'! :D

  2. Love the tradition, missed Badger, but you all looked great ... and it does look like the "crowds" were pleased!

  3. Christine that would be a riot! We try for a 4th of July one also.

    MJ~Badger is having a rough go of things so I'm semi-retiring him permanently.

    He is going to enjoy his days with jennets in the 'Big Woods'.
    I will however take him out for walks.

  4. Love it!!! So cute!!!! I love reading about Opal. Glad you had fun!!