Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm guessing there are a lot of people Facebooking, emailing, blogging, and what not regarding the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Well, I'm not. I awoke this morning to a glaze of ice covering everything except of course the animals. Trees glistened, frozen droplets hung to the tree branches and grass blades. Any flat surface was glare ice.
Pretty and pretty dangerous. But the sun was out in all of its brilliant and cold glory...

It was like awaking to an enchanted forest.
I stepped carefully and lightly while doing chores. Everyone was happy for some 'unfrozen' water along with feed. My Thanks goes to be able to do these things for those critters I am so fond of.

Badger's COPD seems to have diminished in this recent weather, I was worried that the cold may make it worse. But the dust is frozen, so it cannot aggravate his lungs.

Cheyanne is with the other 'gals', she nibbles a bit at the hay. She is not showing much enthusiasm for eating ~ she mulls it around in her mouth. I spent some time with her rubbing her head and she...rubbing back. Her days are short, I'm afraid, no miracle came through, horsey dentures exist.

I worked on a photo from late May this year and did a painted effect on her. I'm collecting photos of her to make a memory book of this wonderful old lady.

So my Thanks today?
To my my friends, and to my animals that give my heart such joys and such sorrows.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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