Friday, November 19, 2010

The Night Before WI Gun Season

I'm not against hunting. I have to stop sometimes 3 to 4 times a night for deer when I drive to work. Deer versus car is not a pretty sight.
They have a tendency to stand on the highway or county highway and stare at me, or casually stroll into the middle of the road and stop.

I hate the sudden surprises of the deer running madly out onto the of the very reasons that I drive slowly much to the disdain of other night drivers who fly by and shoo away [or catch the deer in their radiator grills!].
They destroy my neighbor's crops with the help of wild turkeys...but that is another issue entirely.

I'm not saying it is right or wrong. I do eat venison. I'm not a very good hunter, so I leave to those that are better than I am. I get a bigger kick out of 'shooting' them with my camera anyway.

Preparation for the BIG HUNT or opening day seems to get more and more frantic. Deer Hunting songs are played on the radio. Special sales are going on in town.
Try to find the ingredients for chili at the local store...nope. Well you know what the male hunters are making!
Wouldn't want to be downwind of their tree stands.

Our preparations included bringing the equine 'gals' out of the summer/fall pasture and into the winter lot.
Cheyanne got to do her last big duty. I lead her with a rope around her neck out of the meadow and down the driveway to the winter paddock. Her pasture-mates follow. She has done this routine for over 6 years now. And today she performed it with all the grace that an old mare can muster.
I don't know who will do this for us next year.

The donkeys are happily munching on a round bale in the donkey meadow. No hunters should be in that area unless they are trespassing.
And last but not least...sigh.
We'll probably have to put a simple gate up at the top of our driveway to keep those rude people who continuously drive down our steep and long driveway and then drive over our leech field when they realize that our driveway is NOT an access road to public hunting lands.

For the next 9 days, Morris and I hunker in the house [or me ... work].

Ya, I'm a deer hunter.
How do you do?
I got the deer huntin rapping tale for you.
I'm so excited, it's my favorite time of year.
I love to freeze my buns,
chasin trophy deer.


  1. 1st - Very nice photos, both!

    2nd - We happen to live between the two highways that produce the most road kill in the state of Colorado. We drive very defensively here also.

    3rd - Happy hunkering down, and stay safe!

  2. Thanks MJ, going out to defensively drive to work this AM!

    ..and head home the same way.