Friday, May 21, 2010

Re-visiting the GREAT LOG LEAP

On May 4th, I rode Sunshine who did a very good job until she did a 'spook' or a 'something'. She didn't buck but we did fly over a downed log in the back valley creek bottom and did some fast paced maneuvering.

Last night we went back to visit the scene so I could look at it...and recover a lead rope that I'd lost in the *Snowy River Ride*.

Sunshine was being a typical air-headed female last night and had decided that all sorts of common things were going to eat her alive.
Here she and Rich are deciding whether or not this old manure spreader was a monster.
[she and I have passed this many times without a glance...go figure!]

We rode into the back valley and actually found the lead rope!
Then I sat on Badger and took this photo of the Log of Leap as I call it.
We came from the opposite direction at pace...lope? gallop? not sure.

The photo doesn't show it, but there is a 1 foot drop on the other side of that log.

We took it on at full pace, leaping at the 'V' and then jumping up the creek bank that is just to my left [a 2 ft jump].
This was quite the feat for Sunshine...okay...more for me!

On our way home from finding the lead rope, we found a 'mule' eating glove in the trail [left behind by some hunter?].
After standing on it, Sunshine relaxed.
But then we had to go by the Mule Eating manure spreader again.

This time Sunshine did the predictable.
She snuck up on it and bit it.
We got home just before the winds came along with rain!

I'll be doing an update soon on Badger's health and progress with RAO.


  1. I would have to say that I have had similar experiences with Polly. One most memorable occurred after a full day ride, through all kinds of very spooky windfalls and logging equipment, without a head bobble. Then, without warning, a mule-eating paper napkin box, blew across the road about 20 feet from our trailer. I didn't come off, but it was very close. I remember thinking at the time, that if this is what a tired mule can do, what could she have done if she were fresh? Your great leap could have ended with you in a lot worse shape than it did. But then I know that you know that... AND I'm glad to hear that she came to terms with that old manure spreader!

  2. I rode around that V log and took a good look at it last night.
    Yes it could have been very ugly had I not ducked.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, Sunshine's mom was my ride for many years. Chey had the predictability of making magnificent sideways leaps at unpredictable times. I think I learned to unconsciously be 'in the middle' and ride balanced.

    There have been so many times that I should have come off but haven't. ...and those times when I have fallen off without any real reason.

    Go figure.


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