Friday, December 08, 2006

No such thing

Tree glowing
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As a perfect Christmas but I have one each year. Each year I sit and look at my tree and remember Christmas's past. Oh the past ones of my childhood were not perfect either, but if one squints their eyes and pretends just a little, the past can be a great place.

I remember the year I got a stuffed zebra for Christmas. That was about the best in the world. I remember the year I got a Barbie Doll AND a GI Joe. The GI Joe was much cooler, he beat up Barbie.

My brother got Legos and we all played with them. The Legos were hard plastic and broke easily. We made castles for our 'eraser' animals. Long hours were spent in the basement away from the prying eyes of a parent.
Those awful GI Joes! Those naughty Barbies.

Christmas was never perfect, but it always brought about a new adventure with some new toys.

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