Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getting Tagged!

Hmmm, six things about me that are wierd?
1. I like to read books and have a hard time getting rid of them when I have finished them. When I read I cannot hear anything that goes on around me.

2. I love camoflauge clothing! Okay so it isn't stylish, but I like to flit about the woods as invisible as I can be.

3. I hate dresses, hate stockings, an
d loathe dressing up. Although when I do I must admit I can look nice.

4. I'd rather ride a mule or horse than eat or sleep.

5. I absolutely love to hike in the rain and in snow storms. The more wicked, the better.

6. Wierd, wierd? Okay, I don't have 6 others to play tag with! So isn't that wierd?
So take THAT! ha ha ha! This is my Pillsbury Doughboy and he oversees all of my computer work and makes sure that I do all my homework. If I get frustrated with something I am doing, I can knock him down and he still smiles at me. Now how is that for a friend?
Gosh I cannot wait for a break from my studies...although I am very excited to say that I got a 100% on my last Anatomy and Physiology Exam. They are essays, I mean no multiple guess test.
I do worse on my multiple choice tests for my terminology and I haven't a clue...
Well off to slumber land. I have muscles to twitch in lab and skeleton bones to memorize...
terms to read...

It gets definitely strange [wierd] when you go to sleep thinking of anatomical body parts and their names.

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