Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I found a JRT under my tree!

I found a JRT under my tree!
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Morris is really looking forward to Christmas can't you tell? Actually the heater was running when I took this and he was basking in the warmth from the blower. I swear that dog can tell exactly when the blower is going to click on. He is RIGHT there.
He has gotten over missing his 3 yr old little buddy finally. He moped around the house for 3 days after Ariel left. He had so much fun dancing with her and playing tug of war. Ariel was a great toy ... and I think Ariel thought he was a wonderful toy.

Now in a couple of weeks Morris gets to have Teslin for a week. It is pretty fun to have the two dogs together. Teslin thinks Morris is her personal chew toy. I can't wait to take walks with them while her 'parents' are in Sweden.

The good news is that I'll be on Christmas break from school so I'll be able to have all sorts of adventures with the two dogs. When Teslin has to go on the 24th, Ariel will be coming to stay...

Poor Morris, he's going to have severe withdrawals after the Christmas Holiday.

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