Saturday, November 18, 2006

The first day of Deer Season

On the radio the song 'Second Week of Deer Camp' by the DaYuppers is playing, I can hear gunshots echoing in the woods. Of course it brings back fond memories of long time ago. The deer hunting songs are played with great fevor on the opening day.

"It's the second week of deer camp
And all the guys are here
We drink play cards and shoot the bull
But never shoot no deer
The only time we leave the camp
Is when we go for beer
The second week of deer camp
Is the greatest time of year"

Oh gosh the memories, and that bad part of this? I know all the darned words to the song!

This year though hubby IS hunting and it is so we can put food on our BIL's table seeing as they are pretty darned short of food and cash. We can help put food on the table and I think hubby is actually enjoying the time off in the woods. He's worked pretty hard all fall to get things ready for winter and we've pretty much gotten all the goals accomplished.

Oh yeah! I got my first report card! ;-) I got an 'A' in my first class. Okay don't jump and shout, but I was pretty happy.

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