Thursday, November 09, 2006

Can't sleep, then Blog!

Morris keeping an eye...
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Nope can't sleep, have so many things on my mind. I need to get my assignments done and tests done before the 'kids' come to visit. I am settling into a routine now that works well for me. Thanks to my older son -- I got some help on some homework now isn't that role reversal?

I know that rain or shine cold or not, I have to get on my mule and get out to ride again this weekend!

Oh yeah two weeks ago I went riding with my Arab galfriend [she owns and Arab]. Apparently the fact that my mule was so well behaved and her horse was a doo doo head--and the fact that everyone we ran into 'fawned' over Mr. Mule.
She called me to tell me about how mules were NOT the best riding animals for distance...and went on to trash my mule. I think she was jealous or upset that my animal is just plain well mannered.

I decided if she needed a riding partner now she sure can call me or ride with her other buddy ... she always gets dumped riding with her.

I'm just so sick and tired of mule bashing.
They don't get no respect.

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  1. How dare her! She obviously doesn't have a clue. Why, I don't even KNOW Badger firsthand but know what an angel he is. Doesn't she know she's talking about a super star?! :D


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