Wednesday, July 13, 2005

goodbye dad

goodbye dad
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I created a music slide show yesterday with all of my pics of dad in Hawaii from our 2001 trip. I used transitions and fade outs...then added a song by IZ, a Hawaiian singer whom dad admired and introduced me too.
When I came to the last picture in the series, I made this one in photoshop. I took a picture of him walking away and edited him into a sunset shot he coached me on how to take.
Eerie effect with him appearing to walk off into the ocean at sunset.

So when I put it all together and played it...with my husband watching over my shoulder, the tears came freely...and when we got to this last picture.

My husband just said one choked up word.

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  1. I echo his sentiment...what an absolutely touching photo..I'm glad that you were able to let go, and let your tears fall... *HUG*