Saturday, July 02, 2005


Today was one of those very ho-hum boring days. We had to drive 4 hrs one way for a birthday party for a little boy. I am glad we went, but really didn't enjoy most of the people there. I felt kinda 'flat'. When our grandaughter showed up and got her first ride in a swing I didn't even run helter skelter for my camera. So I knew I am not being myself.

I'm sort of disgusted with 'me' in a way, because I'm really wanting to try hard to get back to that funny, witty, spur of the momment person I usually am. Pretty difficult when trying to be the ultimate support person to a person suffering from severe depression ... this evening I just bit my tongue when the words came to my lips--
'I don't care anymore.'

Yep that surely sucks and I know if I don't pull out of this funk soon I will make a call to my friendly counselor who has helped me with some 'issues' before.

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  1. "This too shall pass." I live by those words. :)