Friday, December 15, 2017

Sunrise, Frost, and Mules

Yesterday morning started out with a huge Wow!
I looked out the window when I could just see the animals. Stella had jumped through the electric fence again. It seems she gets crowded next the the bale feeder and jumps through. She manages to do this whenever I am not looking.

So I got dressed and went out to move her. I got her put back in where she belonged rather easily. This is becoming very routine for us.
I don't mind so much, she is such a nice heifer.

I glanced up at the sky and saw the sliver of the moon. The metal gates and the electric lines all had hoar frost on them.
So I grabbed my camera and decided to walk up to the ridge and see what the predawn light would reveal.
I didn't intend on staying on the ridge. I didn't intend on walking through the fields. But I did.
The sky was amazing.

The frost was amazing.

The colors were non stop and brilliant.

And I took a lot of photos. A lot....

I didn't bring a watch or my cell phone with me as I hadn't intended on staying. I was just going to look. Yeah, well that didn't work out did it?

I hurried home and was relieved to find out that Rich wasn't awake yet.

Before I went in the house I put the camera in a plastic bag and sealed it, then put it in a camera case. This allows the camera to warm up slowly so it doesn't get condensation on its sensitive electronics. The Olympus camera I have is supposed to be 'weather' resistant. However, I don't like to take chances.

My day went as most days now. I got phone calls from the VA for setting up appointments for Rich, started a venison roast in the crock pot and made out a grocery list. I studied the living room and figured out that I should probably move the couch into a place where we could do a small family portrait when the family comes.
I ran my errands to town and told Rich after making us some nice omelettes for our noon meal, that I intended to make some chocolate chip cookies.

Intended was the key word.

The day warmed up nicely from the 5 degrees that it had been at sunrise. I did the stock tanks and intended to go in the house to start those cookies.
I intended.
Really I sort of did.

But then I had a thought. I used to always ride an equine on Christmas and New Years. Back years ago I would ride with a couple of my 4H kids and their horses. We'd done some incredibly cold rides. I rode Badger when I moved to this farm but rarely would anyone go with me. I convinced my husband one year when it was fairly warm.
Yes, Morris came too!

And then there was the huge snowstorm and temperatures that dropped below zero.  I still rode Badger, however only for a very short while. My hands and feet got numb!

So I thought since Ariel and her family were coming to the farm after Christmas to celebrate with us it would be nice if she could do the honors of the Christmas ride with me.
It wouldn't The Christmas Ride.

But it would be the next best thing.

So I caught up Siera and we went for a bareback adventure up through the woods. I think we lost the good trail I used to have and ended up brush busting. I know that briers and thorny bushes untied my hiking boots.

When we reached the road, we rode out onto the field where I'd taken the sunrise photos.

Our shadow photo is downright awful looking! Looks like Siera is a 50 gallon drum!

She told me she did not like that photo what-so-ever. Nor did she like this one. I got off at the mailbox and collected our mail.
When I returned her to the pasture, Sunshine came up and nudged the halter.

Well if one mule ride is good, then why not a second one?

Bareback riding in the winter is the way to go. The heat of the mule keeps your legs nice and toasty.
The only drawback to that is that I tend to grip harder with my thigh muscles so the next day or so I have tender muscles.

I'd say that was so much better than baking any way.

I promise to make cookies.

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  1. Girl, you better get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans!