Thursday, December 28, 2017


Hey Lady! Where is my Treat??

Little Richard was frosty yesterday morning as were most of the critters. The cows lay in their thick layers of fodder bedding and chewed their cuds awaiting the sun to make its appearance through the trees and into the valley.

I always am amazed by the wonderful winter coats these animals have.
You can see where I shoved my bare hand up through his coat to feel the downy hair underneath. No, he was not shivering. He was not cold at all. He has shelter from the weather and he chooses to be out.

People however have a harder time with the cold. It was actually better this particular morning as their was no wind.
I dug out Rich's subzero coveralls for him. After all, it was about -4 when we did chores.
He was going to hook up the hose to the hydrant so we could water the large heated stock tank.
I have taken to wearing over the glasses snowmobile goggles. It may look stupid, but the comfort is incredible. And my eyes don't feel windburned at all. I find that with this 'get up', I can take the cold and the chilling winds.

I wish I could put on Little Richard's coat!

Morris came out with me for a while when I was filling the big stock tank. He ran back and forth sniffing and looking, I think, for mice until he started to shiver. When he got cold he ran to the porch door and stared at me intently.
I let him in and he stopped as if to say, "Why are you not coming in?"
But the sun was shining so brightly  ~ and I was toasty warm.
Besides, I had to drain the hoses after the tank fill so they wouldn't freeze up.

And the sky was simply amazing.

Today it is supposed to snow some light fluffy stuff and then we may go back to some rather arctic temperatures for the weekend.
I have my Kenosha Gang arriving some time on Friday and they want to hike. They all recently got goggles to protect their eyes from the cold also.
We have some ice formations to seek out at the KVR. I've scouted out the trails and we will be out of the winds.
The temperatures should make for some incredible ice formations also.

Just after I finished with the watering, Sunshine came up. I grabbed her bridle and we took another spin around the pastures and yard. It is an easy way to check fences!

You can just barely see the house in this shot.

Have a great day.


  1. It's amazing how the horses can adjust to these frig temperatures. 2 degrees this morning. As per usual, your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. I have had two horses who couldn't take the cold over the past years and they were stalled at night. I do find them incredible.