Saturday, November 25, 2017

Christmas Chair, it is that time again...

This year the *chair* is going in a different spot. I thought I'd do something different again.

It begins with a worn out chair, the same one I tried to refinish years ago. I gave up on it because it had so many layers of paint on it. The crack in the seat just got worse and worse. I tried to glue it but it fell apart. I left the chair in the little red shed to be forgotten.
Until I was sparked with an odd idea.

Things have changed since I first pulled out that ugly chair.

I don't ever start with a plan. This year I had collected sticks while walking with Morris. I looked for odd sticks and ordinary sticks. I added knobbin' knockers to my sticks and painted them.
I wasn't exactly sure why, but I thought eventually they might be useful.

I used small twigs from those awful Buckthorn trees, painted and stuck in an old fancy sewing machine drawer with lights and ribbons.

Prancing ponies on Branches.

I used small rocks in a plastic pot that I spray painted gold. The rocks just didn't hold the branches in place. Finally I used elbow macaroni in plastic bags to tuck around the branches in the pot. Steady as she goes! The baggies are hidden by a dynamite crate that is in front of it.

A piece of Driftwood from a photography trip I took with some good friends this past April. It just begged to be with the old wooden crates.

The Christmas Chair. Here it is with the carousel horse.

That space under the chair. Lights, bottles, ribbons, and a bead garland.

I've collected ribbons over the years that were unique or just plain beautiful. I use them as part of the decorations.

This year I brought in the Gnome.
I wanted an Elf on the Shelf to have some fun with. However while walking about in Westby last weekend I happened upon this Gnome.

Elf on the Shelf. Hmmm.

Well, I have the Gnome in the Home. 
I think he will be very active in moving around the house this year....
Here he is ... I imagine, talking with one of the Toy Bears.

Here is a shot from last night. I've already moved things around again and set them up differently.
The process of my decorations is generally ever changing.

And the Gnome?
He is always up to something....

Happy Decorating!


  1. I absolutely love what you do with your Christmas chairs! We have not had a Christmas tree for years, but have twinkie lights up year round. During the holidays, I frequently bring in a big branch and put on lights and a few ornaments. Let's see what happens this year. Your chair is the most creative and beautiful idea!

  2. I'm inspired! Now, if youngest would only bring down my tree and decorations. I'm ready for Christmas ... or at least I'm ready to get ready!


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