Monday, January 18, 2016

House Remodeling Stinks ~ by Morris

They are messing up the house and calling it Remodeling preparation.  

She took the pictures off the wall and started taking Wall Paper down.  She pulls, strips, and goes up and down the stool thing. I watch her and it makes me tired.

Every day I have to guess where my water bowl is going to end up because She has been moving my dishes around so She can work. I hope she finishes up soon!

But then He started to work on my most ever favorite place.  That most wonderful excellent spot in front of the heater blower.

I take my toys there and lay down in front of the heater every time it turns on when it is cold outside.
How dare He?

I should have seen the signs. 

Invaded by tools.

When He uses the pounder thing, I don't like it much.  I climb that step stool thingy where She is working and hide between her legs.

Especially when He starts the Thing He calls the Shop Vac.  

I wasn't really scared.  I just wanted to make sure They knew that They were disturbing my place.

I just wanted to lay in the sunshine on the couch with my favorite toy and enjoy the afternoon. 

But NO.  

Pound, pound, pound.  Noisy Vac Thingy.  Scary, nasty, dusty, and noisy.  I kept climbing the foot stool and making Her laugh.  She had to stop pulling wallpaper and comfort me. I think I'll make a big fuss every time He brings out those tools. I learned a good trick, she gave me a treat and held me.  I like that.

I didn't even want anything to do with my comfy corner of the couch or the heater.

Before the work:

After yesterday's pounding noisy session:

It is just not nearly as nice.  

I have lived here my entire life and saw absolutely nothing wrong with the house what so ever. And now I find out that They are going to change things around.

Finally They quit making a mess of things and cleaned things up.  I finally was able to grab a little quiet time on my corner of the couch.  

They talk like this Remodel is going to be a great thing.  I don't think so, not if it is going to disrupt my life.

I may just run away from home.
Sleep on the couch with my Angry Bird Toy.
Or...I could hide the remote on Them and see how They like that!

Remodeling stinks.  And that is my opinion on the matter.


  1. Looks to me like you have been very busy! As with all things, everyone will forget about the inconvenience when it looks beautiful and feels comfy. I like being able to see your place.

  2. Thanks, it is a labor of love right now. I do enjoy doing what I can. The place will look so much nicer. I had no idea how dingy things looked until I took everything off the walls and began to strip the paper.
    It is time for a major spruce up job!

  3. Hang in there, Morris! You will love the results. You are such a smart dog. Wiley says Hi.

  4. Poor Morris ... how can they be so inconsiderate? Can't they see they're disturbing your peace??? Go ahead and hide that remote. I won't tell! Maybe they could get you some noise-cancelling headphones?? Stay strong, Morris. This, too, shall pass.

  5. Thanks everyone for their wonderful support. I hide the remote and I have taken over the couch as my own.
    Hello Wiley! Signed ~~ Morris.