Wednesday, January 20, 2016

But He is a Velcro-rapper!

Today finds Doe with Dino again.

He asks her if she would like to go on a Spa Date with him.
Doe says she doesn't know what a Spa is.

Dino takes her to the fresh spring along the creek bottom.  He jumps into the water and takes a dip.

He tells Doe to come on in, the water feels wonderful.

Doe jumps in and is surprised at how refreshing it is.  She tells Dino that her forest friends just call this 'taking a dip'.

He explains that Velociraptors are much classier and they take Spas, not dips.


Stinky comes along and is horrified to find Doe in the water with a Dinosaur.  He begs her to get out right away.

Doe can't understand why Stinky is so upset.  She takes Dino and decides to find Bo and introduce her new friend.

Doe introduces Dino to her forest friends.  Bo gets upset and tells Doe that she shouldn't be making friends with strangers!  Especially a Velociraptor Dinosaur that eats meat.

Doe flicks her tail and tells Stinky and Bo not to worry, Dino and she had lunch of moss the other day and besides, "He is a Velcro-rapper, not whatever it was you said!"

And thus Doe has made a new friend in the forest.

Will Doe ever learn?
Or does Doe have a point?  Sometimes we can trust strangers!  And Dino does have big teeth and looks fearsome.  Perhaps he can protect her.

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