Sunday, March 08, 2015

Taking a walk with Siera

I meant to take a walk with Princess yesterday but Siera gave me started to knicker at me when I came out of the shed with a halter and lead rope so I took her instead.

It was a good thing that I did.  The snow was slippery, the footing terrible, and it was very very wet due to the sudden warm up and the strong March sun.

Siera really didn't want to 'leave' home.  We have this issue every spring after a long winter lay off.

So she planted her feet and cocked one ear back towards her 'paddock' pals and refused to move.

So what do you do with a mule that refuses to move?
I've known Siera long enough now to know that she really needs to think about this whole leaving home business.  If she is forced she will go, but there will be a lot more hesitation and balking if she is forced.

So she stood and waited.  I stood and waited.  Fred carried on as if he'd lost his best friend back home and she could hear it.  Normally Fred doesn't care about Siera in the least.  Of course he did on this instance.

I was again amazed at a mule's agility at taking on terrible footing.  I was slipping more than she was.  I wish I had her 4-Hoof Drive sometimes.

Siera finally convinced herself to move and off we went making a trek up the north wooded slope and then back down and around.  I didn't take a long hike because the snow is so deep on the hillside.  It was more of a 'let's get used to leaving home exercise' than anything else.

She never was in a rush and followed me quietly.  The path is narrow with many trees, the one time she did try to surge ahead, she caught my elbow on her nose.

Just like leash training!  She only bumped her nose once and while on the narrow trail walked a polite distance behind me.

I was rather pleased how our hour went.  She was perfectly content to stand around with me in the woods when I decided to stop.

I plan on hiking again today.  Morris could go with us.  Siera adores having his company.

Our temps are supposed to get to 45 degrees again today!

That means we should have another snow melt that will crash down the rocks into the creek.

I caught the mini flash flood as it began yesterday late afternoon.


  1. I can't wait to get back out in the woods. The weatherman keeps promising 40 degrees this week, he'd better be right or he's apt to face a lynch mob out here.

  2. I love the idea of going for walks with my ponies. We still have VERY DEEP snow.

  3. Within a few days our snow will be gone from all but the north hillsides.
    The water is running right now and I want to get out to check how the creek is running.

    I want Siera to be as comfortable with me in the woods as possible, and I figure this is one of the ways to do it. Walking or hiking.