Friday, March 13, 2015

Hello Spring!

These shots were taken just a few days ago.  With the onset of warm temperatures lately, the snow is just about gone except in those areas where the sun rarely shines.

In the far eastern part of the valley is a dry run that had blue ice earlier this year, I got back to it a couple of days ago.

The sun's angle has changed and the ice is beginning to melt here.  However, most of the valley was without snow.
Everything was brown.

Although I still can find places I feel are beautiful.  I love this tree which stands over the 'hard' turn of the creek.

The sudden thaw always creates a few issues regarding gravel roads and even some more issues with gravel/dirt driveways.
Here is a shot of my neighbor's driveway.
He uses this sign each year and props it up with a kid's plastic picnic table.

The Grammar Cop in me wants to take a red marker and correct the word "Muddey".
However it makes the sign a bit more fun.
Especially the Call Me part which can't be seen unless you get out and pick up the sign!

Lastly, I created a separate blog for the house remodel.

This spring after the road bans have lifted, our cottage or Little House is getting a huge facelift.

I'm going to make it a photo project and update things that we do and the contractor does.  
It isn't going to be a how to do it yourself way!  I would not attempt to put on new roofing, drill through concrete to put in plumbing, nor try to excavate...

Anyway, I may refer to updates once in a while here so anyone who wants to follow it can.

The Little House Remodel 

It promises to be a great and crazy journey.

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  1. I can't wait to watch the Little House Remodel.