Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Working with Morris as a model

I took a short walk to the creek today to get some early afternoon light on the rocks and the green moss, and hoped to bribe Morris into some posing for 'his' upcoming book.

Getting him to pose isn't really very easy.  He is so interested in everything that he can smell and being a Jack Russell, he is rarely still for a portrait.
I brought along some dog cookies and pretty much just hoped for the best. 

My best friend in this sort of situation is a digital camera that can take rapid fire photos.
Here Morris does stay still long enough while I ask him if 'he'd like a cookie'.  His response was immediate. 
I asked for a 'sit' and got a half-sit, but that was okay for my purposes.
I put the toy frog on a rock and then stepped back across the creek to pick up the camera only to find Morris back checking things out.
I had to act quick and hope that I would get something that I could use for the book.

I got several shots in quickly before Morris decided that the toy was nothing he really wanted.  In the woods he rarely touches any toy if I set it down.  He will however go up and sniff at it, but he has yet to take it and play with it.

We spent about a half hour wandering around and taking photos.  
Morris stuck very close to me.  That may be due to the fact that we have spotted a silver wolf in our area, but I can't really tell.

Today's shoot was a success, I did come away with some shots ... with editing, that will work nicely in the book!


  1. It's always nice when they are civil enough to give you at least 1/2 a second to shoot a photo before leaving. Sounds like the book is progressing!

    Do you ever hear the wolf(or wolves) howling?

  2. No Christina, the wolf doesn't howl, he or she is a lone wolf we think...it may not be in the area any longer.

    Last spotted in late August.