Monday, October 15, 2012

Making my own Texture for photo overlay...

 I collected a photo of the clouds from earlier in the summer...layered that over...
 a photo of leaves that I'd shot just last week...  I monkeyed around with opacity of the layers... and added some 'noise' in the form of grain [Elements filters] and came up with this.
Next I took a prospective shot that I'd like to try a bit of my own layering on.
Surely these do NOT look like a combination should do anything.  But I decided to try anyway.

What I ended up with was something a bit warmer and nicer than the original shot and if you look closely you can see some texture.  I did use a layer mask to bring out the bright red of the leaves on the lower right and the true color of the berries.  I think it is nice and subtle.


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