Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fishing is easy and fun right?

Off we go with the itty bitty boat.  In such a hurry that we don't stop to get a battery to run the electric troller motor.  Hubby says it will be a piece of cake to row the bitty boat.  He also says that there won't be 25mph winds in the hollow.

OHHHkay! So we launch the boat.  Hubby stands and surveys his world...the boat is tippy and it IS windy.  But hey, we are goin' fishin'!
The boat wobbles as he moves around to get settled in to row the boat.  Quickly he finds that we WON'T be rowing across the lake.  The wind is too hard to fight.  We settled for a nice peaceful spot and begin to fish.

He monkeys around with magical lures and 'spinners'.  I toss a silly old worm in on my cheap old fishing rod.  I get 6 bites.  Small large mouth bass that I toss back.  I am having a blast.  He meanwhile is cursing, trying to 'figure' out which lure he needs to have.

As he ties a nice one off, it falls into the water.  Yup, overboard and gone for good.  The little lake is very deep.  He ties on another one and on his first cast it ends up ensnared in grapvines hanging from a tree.
We go over to it and end up ensnared ourselves.  I take the opportunity to jump to shore and find a spot to know.  Pee.  Back in the boat we shove off, the grapevines attack and whisk hubby's new sunglasses off his head.

Lo and Behold, we use his very long rod to 'push' the sunglasses towards shallower waters.  I use an oar as a paddle to try and follow the sunglasses.  Eventually after much cursing [not me, I'm entertained], we get the errant sunglasses in shallower water.

Hubby decides to lean over and get them.  EEEEK! I have to lay immediately backwards across the other side of the boat to keep up from tipping.  I keep thinking...I'm gonna kick his arse if he flips this boat!  How is my 115 lbs supposed to counterwieght his 204 lbs?  EH?
Sunglasses get rescued.  On we go with fishing.  Finally after I've continuously caught fish, he decides to try the worms.  See, here is my method of fishing.  Toss in the worm on the hook.  Look around and day dream.  ... the fish will bite.  His method.  Be methodical, work it, work it, work it.  I like my fishing style better.

I catch more.  I caught enough for us to have a small meal. HE kept commenting on my fishing abilities and laughing about his own misfortunes.
This was a great evening.

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