Saturday, September 29, 2012

Jersey Valley, Vernon County WI

Seems as if I have really 'fallen' for Fall this year.  I have a love - hate relationship with Fall.  I hate that the days are getting shorter, I love the colors that come about...

I hate the feeling that the warm days are slipping by, I love the feeling that winter and snow is coming.  [Snow is beautiful to photograph!]

My husband and I went to a County Park called Jersey Valley to fish the other afternoon.  We had a great time and I decided to go back at dawn to take some fall foliage shots.

Was I surprised!

When I got home that morning, I decided to check out the other parks of Vernon County and check out the 'Hollows'.  Sidie Hollow, Jersey Valley, Runge Hollow, and Duck Egg.  All parks that had earthen dams, all free County parks.  Beautiful areas that I had not yet explored.
This is where I stop and smack myself in the forehead.  I have lived here since 1996 and only last year began to explore the parks?

My list is long.  There is a park in Esofea, one in Coon Valley...

I took off for Jersey Valley late in the afternoon.  I had figured on 2 hrs of daylight and 3 miles of hiking.  I'd of course forgotten, or had not thought about it.  In the hollows, the daylight is shorter.
But I hiked hard and fast.

The trails are quite nice, the hills are steep.  The scenery is, well ...

I even took an 'off' path and had to back track, yet I enjoyed every foot step of it.
There was even a nice bench to sit on after a steep climb.

Rock walls...

Stunning reflections off the water...

And of course a beautiful sunset that came to the valley 35 minutes before the sun set on the ridge.
I made it around the trail in 1 hour.  That was some hard hiking and several stops for photos.
I'm hoping to be able to get into some more of Vernon County's precious 'gems' to hike them in all seasons and of course photograph them also.

If you go, the trail is steep in places, muddy in places if it rains, but if you take your time, it is well worth it.
It will give your legs a nice work out too.