Sunday, July 01, 2012

Pets and Animals

I heard an interesting program on my drive to work the other day.  The discussion was about pets and animals and the Healing power of them.
Well, of course they were discussing something I was already aware of.  Most owners of equine realize that the animal they work with helps build self confidence [if all goes correctly] and sometimes it can build a bond like no human bond can be found.

An equine doesn't judge you but is a mirror of what is inside you.  The equine does not lie.  I have found over the years in my dealings with mules that they are very sensitive.  They can sometimes pick and choose a person and exclude all else.  I've seen that with Badger, Opal, and Siera.

Dogs on the other hand adore you no matter what.  They think that the ground you walk on is made of gold.  Dogs make you laugh.  Dogs love you even if you feed them just plain dog food every night.
To have a dog [or cat] in your household is a wonderful thing.  
I guess sometimes people think it is too much of a bother.

I've done 'time' without a pet in my house.  It is not fun.  I need that animal for some reason!
Animals have other health benefits also.  They keep your immune system healthy.  :)
I think I knew that!

The guest on the show insisted that all children should be surrounded by pets, it would help their immune system greatly.  I guess studies have been done that have proven that children brought up in a 'sterile' environment fair worse with their health and allergies.  Whereas, a child brought up with animals, or even on a farm fair so much better.

I think I knew that without the study.
But there you go!


  1. I fell in love with a Mule once. Alas I couldnt have here. She talked to me though. I have had a few equines "talk" to me. Alas again she was sold and had a tragic end. I will always wonder, what if?

  2. The joys of animals. They are so good for the body and soul, they bring love, life and sadness but always give more than they take. To be 'chosen' by a mule has got to be one of the best feelings in the world, a well kept secret that I know you understand :-)

  3. Yes...and I have been chosen not once, but twice in my years with mules.
    How odd is that?


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