Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wash Day for Siera

Okay this sounds boring. Today was Siera's first ears to hooves bath and scrubbing.  I even de-tangled the her tail.

She was a bit cautious of the hose spraying at first but then stood like a rock [as long as I kept it at a reasonable pressure].  I was able to drop her rope and scrub her up with *Super Poo* Shampoo.  Yeah, it really is named that.

I've yet to have a mule that I could put in the middle of the yard and drop the rope and do what I did today without them moving around or walking away to graze or...simply running off.  Siera stood like a rock and tilted her head to watch me.

The rinse and drip dry went well too. I brushed her and de-tangled her tail~ well not all of it.  I didn't want the first wash job to be extremely boring for her.  

I decided to take a break and  sat on the picnic table. Siera was on a long lead rope, she decided to 'air' dry by watching my face.  


I've never had a mule do that before.  She seemed very content just to hang out together.  She didn't walk away or go look through the burnt grass for goodies.  She just stood by me as if to say.

Look at me.  I'm your best friend in the whole wide world.  How can I get you to realize that?

When I returned her to the meadow, she did it again.  Stared at me.  She did not crowd me like most mules, but she stood close enough to be polite and close enough to be there.

I am starting a new and Epic Adventure with this mule.
My best Friend Has Big Ears.

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