Sunday, July 08, 2012

Could we have some rain please?

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday to see if I could nab the last of the 'black caps'.  I walked down our ridge road and was surprised at how dry it was under the canopy of trees.
Cracking Dry.
I could stick my finger down some of the cracks in the earth.

I did find some berries.  But the picking was scarce and HOT.  I came back with enough for hubby and I each to have a taste of black berries and yellow berries.  YUM!

As I was filling the stock tank in the Meadow at the end of the day, I took a shot across the meadow towards the woods.  The grass looks brown.  

I don't quite ever recall a dry spell as bad as this one.
My yard is yellow in spots.  Of course there are a couple of weeds that seem healthy, but where the sun feet crunch when I walk.

When I walk through the pasture the weeds and grass that seem to be surviving are covered in dust. Usually we are cutting the meadow grass so that the animals can keep up with it...not this summer.

Not to mention what my vehicles look like!
Oh...excuse me, is that a blue car or a tan car?  
Um, why it is a special color.  Dusty Tan.

I hung my laundry out to dry.  I was more worried about my sheets getting dusty than I was about them drying.

I told my hubby that I spit and watched it evaporate before it hit the ground.

That is a bit of a stretch.  It evaporated immediately after it hit the ground.

Could we please have some rain?

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  1. Wish we could send you some of ours... we've had the wettest summer on record, floods, high winds and more to come. Lets hope that we both get some respite!


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