Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Don't Marry a Handyman if...

You ever want anything new.

Today we got the Dryer out of its cubbyhole.

Last time I wrote about the 'Great Laundry Experiment' was in March of this year.

I'd been without a dryer since the beginning of December in 2010.

He looked at it and called to see if he could get a belt to replace the one that had broken.
I meanwhile cleaned floors and washed walls and did laundry, hanging it out to dry with cloudy gray skies.

I was used to guessing the weather and getting laundry dried successfully between the outside line and the inside clothes rack by now.

I was sort of hoping that the old machine was 'un-fixable' which means I could get a new one ...or
get some more storage space in the house.

My husband hung up from the appliance store in town saying that a new belt would be ours in a day or so.

I looked at the torn apart kitchen/dining area.

The dryer was taken apart and looked as if to be the victim of some violent wretched crash.
Its door hung off kilter, the drum was laying on top of one of Morris's hedgehog toys in the living room. The top was leaning up against a door.

In short. It was a mess.

I glanced up at him while scrubbing the floor where the dryer used to sit.
*Not 2 days!* I exclaimed!
*Yup, only 2 days!*

Okay 2 days of walking around pieces of the dryer sitting around the house, most definitely in the way. Most definitely ~~ in my book ~~ an issue.

*Hmmm, we don't need a new one?* I asked pointing to the old machine. I was eager in any way to get it out of my way. This is part of the reason it has taken so long to address the broken belt.

*Nope,* he replied, *it'll be as good as new as soon as the belt goes back on.*

I tossed dirty water out the door into the dooryard. Sometimes my well meaning and wonderful handyman can take 2 days or 2 years to fix an item.
But it does get fixed eventually ...

See Why You Must Eat Ice Cream!

He is awfully good at fixing things. In fact very good. He can keep a lawn mower going long past the time it should go to the junk yard.
We did get a new water heater 3 weeks ago because the old one is not doing very well.

He was going to install it right away.

It is resting comfortably in its box, in the shed. Nestled between the tractor he is going to fix and the old Toyota that needs a Master Cylinder.

In my house, patience is the key.
The handyman can fix it.
But it is on his time, not my time.

...and so it goes.


  1. ELeanor10:28 PM

    Ain't that the truth! We got a new bathroom last Christmas (only took 2 months, and it is our one and only), and are in the process of getting a new front door this year (I am dreading the day we rip the old frame out and are suddenly faced with putting in the newer, wider one in, which means cutting int the frame of this very old, very not-to-code house...this should result in at least three days of redecorating the living room, just for a difference of two inches, since this will change where everything fits now! So I know exactly what you're talking about!!!! But I do love your clothesline...we have one too, in spite of having a new dryer. Sheets and blankets smell so much nicer straight off the line, don't you think?

  2. Anonymous7:46 AM

    As one of those handy men in the life of our loved ones. I wish to thank all of our wives who wait so thoughtfully. Yes dear I promise tomorrow. Why does it seem funner to go help someone else and get the house repairs done. Oh well thank you lady's, we do love you. Wish you lived closer I would come and say, you need a hand there bud? I hear ya got a water heater that needs installing, Maybe after that we could look at my tractor winter is coming.
    Keep up the faith.
    Larry Schwaiger

  3. You both are correct. Eleanor, I dread the day that he actually replaces the door!

    The 'new' auction door has been in the shed for 5 years. As well as the 'new' auction flooring for the kitchen.

    Larry, so well do I know how fun it is you and my husband teach us women what it is to have patience!


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