Monday, May 02, 2011

Why You Must Eat Ice Cream

Me: Honey, look the sink is leaking! I point to a wet spot under the sink. [Bathroom]

Him: Oh. Okay, I guess I should fix it!

Me: Yes!

Him [2 days later].
He goes about fiddling with the plumbing under the sink and tries this and that. Some mumbling ensues.
More tinkering.
Finally: Okay, it should be good!

Me: Great!
I go about my usual duties and then go to put the displaced items back under the bathroom sink.
Uh Oh: Honey, it is still dripping.

Him: Hmmm, I thought I got it! [More tinkering, a curse, a sigh]

Me: Standing in the doorway: Everything all right?

Him: Yup! Where's an ice cream pail? We've got extra right? I can't seem to get this stopped right now.

He takes the plastic 'Gustavson's Ice Cream' pail from me and sticks it under the drip, then turns and smiles brilliantly.
That should take care of it until I get it fixed!

Thinking about the ice cream pail in the back room under the faucet for the tub...and about the ice cream pail that sat under the kitchen sink for one year.

Mental note: In case of more plumbing issues, I must get some more ice cream!

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