Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Skid Steer Story

I walked outside after finishing up chores. There he was in his skid steer digging away.

I walked down to where he was working.

Me: Whatchya doing?
Him: Well I thought I’d get rid of this old oak tree stump.

I made a face and looked around the yard slowly with my hands upturned, as if to ask.
*Why, when there is so many other things to get done?*

He knows me that well, he really and truly does.
Him: Well I was just cooling off after taking the Dexter Cattle their water and thought I’d just dig at this old stump a bit.

He’d read my mind.

I tipped my head and looked at the stump, it was from an ancient old oak that had blown down in the August 2007 storms. The stump wasn’t bothering anything.
But have a Skid Steer with turbo power and a few extra minutes, my honey would see it as some sort of ‘Man Challenge’.

I shrugged. Nothing I’d say would change his attitude anyway.
Me: I’m going to town.

I returned after noon and noticed that his truck was no longer parked in its spot.

I went in the house where I found him.
Him: Blew a tire in the skid steer.
Me: Oh yeah, how?
Him: Oh, I’m not sure but I was working around that stump. Now I have to figure out how to get that Skid Steer out of there.

I stuck my hands in my pockets and rocked back on my heels.
Me: So…
Him: So, … I’ll need your help, I’m going to go get the Allis Chamlers D17 and with that and the truck we ought to be able to get it right out.

I climbed down into the hole to look at the skid steer. Both tires were ripped off their rims. The tracks were kitty-whumpus. A large nub of an oak root was jammed between the front and back tire.
Another root was jammed in between the front tire and metal tracks.

*I told you so* never need to be said and was probably better off not being said.

The Skid Steer is out of the hole. The tires are fixed.
The stump still stands boldly, daring him.

He murmured something about wishing he had some dynamite.


Reddunappy said...

LOL all I could do was laugh, LOL LOL Men!!!

RebelRoX87 said...

Oooh man this cracked me UP!!!! So much like my dad!! There is other things to do but nooo...this project seems like it will be a lot funner to tell somebody.