Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Being a Model~~by Morris

I know I am photogenic.

Just ask HER.
She always has a camera with her.
SHE is always pointing it at me.

We were taking a nice hike the other day when she asked me to jump up on a stump in the woods and pose for pictures.
So I jumped up on the stump...
...and then she began to take pictures.

*Morris,* she said, *look smart and noble!*

*Morris, come on! Give me your best side!*
[Tee Hee, I did!]

How do you like this side, HMMM?

I think SHE got aggravated with me then. And said to be Nice and Look like a good Dog.


SHE kept bugging me.

*Morris, come on, look Noble, look Smart!*


You have no idea what it is like to put up with HER and HER camera.

I definitely think I should get modeling wages and not just a dog cookie for all my efforts.


Rose said...

Isn't he just adorable! And your writing is so amusing and yet so normal. Great work as always Val. I so enjoy your photography and your writing. Have a great one.

mj said...

Morris IS very photogenic! It's funny how some dogs just know how to pose for a camera and others could care less .... maybe like some people. (I know I don't like to have my picture taken anymore)
Our new Maddie dog is not very cooperative in front of a camera. That, and she's black and furry, so you can't really see her eyes most of the time. Morris is a STAR, with the very best of expressions on his face!!! Loved the post.

Val said...

MJ~I think Maddie has a great face but having a black furry face is tough for the camera.

Rose~Thanks, Morris does help write it you know! [wink, wink]