Monday, May 09, 2011

The Parking Lot Date

It was Mother's Day. I had worked an overnight shift, so my day began late in the afternoon.

It was late.

But I was hungry and I did have a 'hankerin' for an ice cream sundae.

So I asked hubby if he'd like to have supper in town.
He gave me a funny look and indicated that his clothes were grubby and so was he.
From running a chain saw and the skid steer...I think those are his two favorite things to do in the whole world!]

I said. *How 'bout Culver's? We can do the drive through thing, don't have to get out of the car?*

We hadn't been 'out' to eat in ages, and I just didn't feel like cooking, besides, it was Mother's Day and I should be able to eat out!

He nodded and we jumped into my old car and headed to town.

We ordered our food and picked it up at the window. Then hubby pulled over to the side parking lot and shut off the car so we could eat while the food was hot. If we waited until we got home, it would have been cold.

So we ate and around mouthfuls of 'greasy butter burgers' and 'sweet potato fries' we discussed the weather, farm work,the garden, and watched people walking down the street, and others driving 'the main strip'.

I took my wrapper and stuffed it into the bag.
*Thanks,* I said, *this has been fun.*

He looked at me quizzically.
I shrugged.
*How long has it been since you and I been out together?*

It was his turn to shrug and replied, *I wouldn't call this out really.* He motioned at the parking lot setting.
I laughed and said, *Well you know, this is like a date. We even had a picnic in the car while we got to people watch.*

He laughed. *You are odd,* he said, *I suppose that is what I like about you.*

I took his hand, leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.

*Ready for a sundae?* I asked.
He nodded, he was.

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